View of an eclectic group of maskers gathered in front of a Canal Street streetcar in the uptown neighborhood, 800 block of Canal Street on Mardi Gras Day. A man wearing a suit and hat stands to the left of a masker attired as a harem girl and flexing a riding whip. Slightly behind the harem girl, is a person in rustic, female dress consisting of polka-dot dress and a hat. To the right is a wizard wearing loose, knee-breeches and a conical hat. An un-masked person in female attire stands behind the wizard. At far right, a photographer is seen looking into the viewfinder of a “Box Brownie” type of camera. A small girl at the lower right is seen holding a feather decorated hat. Because of the recently ended war, Rex did not parade and many people held impromptu festivities and roamed in the streets in costume.

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