From US Navy:

This day in #USNavy #history from Naval History & Heritage Command: 72 years ago, the Japanese launched an air attack to start the Battle of Midway.

This photo shows USS Yorktown shortly after being hit by three Japanese bombs. The perseverance, sacrifice and skill of our aviators cost Japan four irreplaceable fleet carriers, and our victory here was a major turning point of WWII

Back in the 80s-90s, I played a lot of strategy board games. The modern naval ones were, in some ways, the creepiest. The way you defend a carrier group from missile attacks is that *all* the ships in the group projected the radar signature of the carrier. That meant the Destroyers and Frigates were drawing the missiles away from the carrier. One or two missiles and those ships would be destroyed. I salute those DD/DDG/FF/FFG sailors and officers. You guys have brass ones.

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