Elysian Fields Press LLC, of Metairie, Louisiana, is seeking submissions of prose, poetry, and artwork for its forthcoming anthology, Katrina Plus Ten, which has an anticipated publication date of August 29, 2015.

Katrina Plus Ten will feature entertaining and thought-provoking stories, essays, verse, and illustrations that recall the experiences of New Orleanians in the days leading up to the landfall of Hurricane Katrina, and the six months after that landfall.

Publisher Edward Branley welcomes poems of one to five pages in length. In short fiction, he will review short stories under 5K words. For nonfiction, essays, profiles of Katrina survivors, and other stories, 2500 words or less.

Payment will be based on pages published. Katrina Plus Ten is expected to be 100 pages in length. Writers/artists will be paid $20 per published page, and 1% of the writers’ share of profits per published page.


Deadline for submissions is March 31, 2015.


Send submissions to kplusten@ebranley.com


Questions? Contact the publisher at edward@ebranley.com


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