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So, I finally got around to setting up a Wiki for the Cemeteries stuff!

The URL is

So far, I’ve created one page, for the St. Peter Street Cemetery. My plan is to go more-or-less chronologically, so the next page will be St. Louis No. 1.

My vision for COTD Wiki is that it should be a collaborative effort. I don’t want to be the only author/editor. If you have an interest in our cemeteries and would like to contribute, you are most welcome! If you enjoy MediaWiki development/structure, you are equally welcome.

Example: There is so much stuff out there on St. Louis No. 1, since it’s the oldest cemetery in town that’s still around. I plan to do a history page to start, but then there are so many details to be added. Please join me in filling in those gaps.


Photographers: If you have cemetery photos, either done for documentary or artistic, please consider sharing them. I’ll be raiding the Commons as this unfolds, as well. Full credit given to ‘togs for their photos, but keep in mind, this Wiki is public domain.

If you’re a cemetery fan/historian in another city, let’s talk. We can easily set up sections for other cities/towns.


TEACHERS: If you are a history or social studies teacher, and would like to include COTD Wiki in your lesson plans/activities, let’s talk. This would be exciting and make me very happy, to see the site used in this way. Students do some of the best research/development/writing, and there are lots of us in the community who would like to help you and your kids succeed. Let’s make that happen as much and as often as we can.

My vocation as a teacher compels me to encourage learning, exploration, and discussion. Our cemeteries are not just local treasures; they are known the world over. Let’s document them, preserve them, explore them, and have fun doing it!

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