NOLA History Guy Podcast 6-April-2019

NOLA History Guy Podcast 6-April-2019

Ernie K-Doe at Jazz Fest, 1996 (photo by Masahiro Sumori)

NOLA History Guy Podcast 6-April-2019

I need to do the pods more, so we’ll be dropping “short-form” eps weekly. The long-form pods are fun, but they take time. That means they’re less frequent, therefore fewer eps. So, let’s do shorter, under half an hour pods, and do them weekly.

We’ll do two ten-ish minute segments. One will be a book update, or an “Emma Fick” snippet. Possibly we’ll “unpack” a photo, going into some details on what’s visible. There’s a lot of little subjects. They make good blog posts. So, these are audio blog posts. When I do a talk, it’s usually for an hour or so, and I’ll put together forty to fifty images/maps as visuals. Each slide takes a couple of minutes tops. Therefore, a lot of details in a photo or on a map get blown over.

Book Update

NOLA History Guy Podcast 6-April-2019

Fading Signs in the Warehouse District (Edward Branley photo)

The pod introduce the next book, “Fading Signs of New Orleans.” The book features “ghost ads” and other old signs around town. It’s an incredibly fun project, and my friends say it’s incredibly important, from a preservation perspective. I agree.

Today in New Orleans History

Catherine Campanella presents “Today in New Orleans History” on Facebook, and at One or two strike me each week. They resonate on a personal level. The new format here features one of these a week that works for me.

This week, that’s Campanella’s entry for April 3rd. On April 3, 1961, Ernie K-Doe’s song, “Mother in Law” broke onto the Billboard R&B chart. That brought back some memories for me.

Show Notes

The train going by was a Norfolk Southern freight. The Amtrak Crescent passed by on time this morning as well.

Music: Intro – “Talking ‘Bout New Orleans” by The Meters. Break – “West End Blues” by Louis Armstrong and His Hot 5.

Sponsor: NOLA History Guy 6-April-2019, sponsored by Art In The Bend arts market, on Saturday 20-April-2019. Location is Nuance, 728 Dublin Street in the Riverbend.

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