Check out Jeff Rochlin’s Relief Valve Podcast for some interesting conversations.

relief valve podcast

Relief Valve Podcast

As my friend Jeff Rochlin says in the intro to his Relief Valve Podcast, the start of the second decade of the 21st Century has been sub-optimal. He’s got more free time right now than he’s used to. So, Jeff’s channeled that into the pod. Like many folks who spent most of their careers in IT, Jeff knows a lot of interesting people. Well, except for Episode 4, that guy’s a bit sketchy. Talking about how we cope with the pandemic is certainly a wide subject area. That makes for excellent podcast fodder! Check out the intro to Relief Valve Podcast and hear it from Jeff himself.

Pandemic Podcasting

A few years ago, Mark Bologna of Beyond Bourbon St invited me on his pod, to talk about the Battle of New Orleans. It was fun, we met up at a local lunch place and had a great chat. Mark has a great setup for mobile podcasting, based around a Zoom H5 digital recorder. The recorder impressed me. So, I bought one to use for my podcast. The mobile rig allowed me to go to the coffee shop early in the morning and record. The trains passing by in the background added character. The folks who left cars running while they ran in, not so much. Still, it’s great, particularly for having two guests.

The pandemic shut down my coffee shop trips. So, like Relief Valve Podcast, I use remote software. Audio-only delivery puts people at ease, and the recording quality is good. Check out the latest ep of Jeff’s pod, you’ll see.

Blowing off steam

relief valve podcast

Sharing coping mechanisms helps us all, and Jeff does a great job encouraging guests to share their experiences. While straight-tech podcasts often end up as boring nerd-fests, take us geeks away from the geekery and the result is fun. There’s a place in the world for the geekery, mind you, but right now, the personal side is important. Add Relief Valve Podcast to your Podbean, Apple Podcasts, or however you listen. You need the lift in your rotation.

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