The weather’s nice enough for a proper morning photowalk!

s. bernadotte and canal morning photowalk

Morning Photowalk for a Monday

My usual Monday routine is breakfast at Wakin Bakin on Banks Street in Mid-City. I parked my car back by St. Patrick Cemetery Number One, on Canal Street. From there, I did a morning photowalk, down Canal to S. Murat Street, to Banks Street. The weather was great and the neighborhood is fun to observe.

Canal Street

morning photowalk

4920 Canal Street

4916 canal street morning photowalk

4916 Canal Street

4916 Canal St. morning photowalk

4916 Canal Street

4920-4916 Canal Street. Numbers here decrease since I’m walking “down,” towards the river. This is a pair of Streamline Moderne buildings housing downstairs retail (professional offices) and upstairs apartments.

botinelli place morning photowalk

Botinelli Place

Botinelli Place is a private street. It’s the south-of-Canal extension of Anthony Street. The building in the rear with the large spires is the ‘Botinelli Building.” The spires originally adorned the old Touro Synagogue on Carondelet Street. Botinelli acquired them as salvage when the congregation sold their building on Carondelet and moved to St. Charles Avenue, by Loyola University. He built an apartment building and put the spires on top.

st. anthony's priory morning photowalk

Dominican Priory at St. Anthony Church

st. anthony priory morning photowalk

Dominican Priory at St. Anthony Church

Two views of St. Anthony’s Priory, 4640 Canal Street. More than just a rectory for the parish, the priory houses Friars working around New Orleans.

4520 Canal morning photowalk

4520 Canal Street

Currently listed by Anthony Posey Properties, Inc.

4534 Canal Street morning photowalk

4534 Canal Street

This house is one off the corner, with the well-known home of the Centanni family at the corner of Canal and S. Murat Streets.

Napoleon in Mid-City

One of the more interesting and less-known aspects of this section of Mid-City is its association with Napoleon Bonaparte. While most folks are aware of the Napoleonic theme of street names just off of Napoleon Avenue uptown, many aren’t aware of the Mid-City connection. Three streets in Mid-City, Bernadotte, Murat, and Alexander are named for personalities from the Napoleonic period. Jean-Baptiste Bernadotte was one of Napoleon’s marshals. He was elected crown prince of Sweden in 1810 and became King Charles XIV John upon the death of King Charles XIII. Joachim Murat was also a Marshal of France under Napoleon, later becoming King of Naples. Tsar Alexander I of Russia was one of Napoleon’s chief adversaries.





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