Cor Jesu Track was one of the athletic teams on Elysian Fields.

Cor Jesu Track 1967

The Cor Jesu Track team in 1967

One of the members of the Cor Jesu group on Facebook posted this yearbook photo of the track team in 1967. It was a neat coincidence that I came across the original color image in the archives last week. One of the problems with yearbook originals is they’re often unmarked/unidentified. So, I took a quick photo and filed it in the “unidentified” folder. The FB group is great for helping with photo IDs. This time, I didn’t even post it and got the ID!

Here’s the caption for the image:

Top Row: Steve Lawley, John Christenberry, Chris Chalmers, Limon Labry, David Vititoe, Louis Perez, Robert Grieshaber.
Second Row: Warren Perkins, Steve Frischhertz, Charles Biondo, Vance Robichaux, Gary Boihem, William Mattio.
Third Row: Pat Levy, James Cerniglia, Peter Brien, Edward Lawley, Albert Green, Mike Jennings, Paul Reed.

These were the days before warm-ups had a lot of branding. The numbers kept things organized, but the big team identifier are the colors. Of course, a Cor Jesu or BMHS alum will look at that photo and think, that’s the backyard. Back in the 1960s and 1970s, the schools didn’t have the land Brother Martin has now. Farley Field was still Farley’s Florist, across the street. Baseball’s practice diamond was on the lake side, behind the buildings. Space was always at a premium.

Practice fields

By the 1970s, the back yard became even more problematic, because of the building expansion. The Resource Center wing cut into the green space. That worked out with the acquisition of the nursery area from the florist. The one group that always came up short was the band. Since band was a class, however, they were able to go outside during football season to practice the halftime shows without disruption the athletic teams.

Thanks to Paul Reed for the photo ID.

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