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Prytania Market

Prytania Market Prytania Market Before home and commercial refrigeration was widespread, folks made groceries at the neighborhood's public market. So, these markets were all over the city of New Orleans. The Prytania Market was located on Prytania Street....

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D. H. Holmes in 1864 – #CanalStreet

D. H. Holmes D. H. Holmes in 1864 I spoke to the tour guides that volunteer with the Friends of the Cabildo on Monday. They're a lovely group of folks. I like to say that talking with them is like teaching an AP History class. You have to come prepared and offer...

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Hermes Parades! It’s Carnival Time!

Hermes! Hermes parade and ball over the years Krewe of Hermes, 1938 (Teunisson photo) Even in times of adversity, New Orleans uses Carnival to give the city an emotional boost. Carnival time got the city through the Great Depression. In typical New Orleans fashion, a...

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Canal Street, 1890s

Canal Street 1890s. The CBD - Canal Street, 1890s - Before electric streetcars A Mugnier photo depicts an interesting transitional period. Electricity arrived for buildings, but not yet for streetcars. That puts the photo pre-1894, but not much earlier....

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Sunset Limited 1897 #TrainThursday

Sunset Limited in 1897 Riding the Sunset Limited, 1897 The Southern Pacific Railroad began passenger service from New Orleans to Los Angeles in 1894. The Sunset Limited originally ran from New Orleans to San Francisco, via Los Angeles. The train was a...

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800 Block Canal Street, 1864

800 Block Canal Street 800 block Canal Street - Shopping! The Canal Streetcar line is about three years old at the time of this photo. None of the mule-drawn, "bobtail" streetcars appear here. The greenery on the sides of the Canal Street neutral ground isn't...

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Crowdsourcing: Podcasting Suggestions

podcast crowdsourcing:   1. What topics would you like to NOLA History Guy podcasts on?   2. I'm expanding the pod to include interviews. Suggestions?   3. I do a "YatBooks" podcast, and history books are certainly fair game. Any suggestions?   Merci...

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