@NOLAHistoryGuy Speaking Engagements

@NOLAHistoryGuy Speaking Engagements excite your audience.


NOLA History Guy

@NOLAHistoryGuy Speaking Engagements

Edward Branley, the NOLA History Guy is available to speak to your club, neighborhood association, meeting, or convention. No group is too small. In fact, if you’d like a question answered, feel free to come to the coffee shop and top my cup up, and we’ll chat.

Speaking topics

@nolahistoryguy speaking engagements

@NOLAHistoryGuy speaking at the Jefferson Parish Public Library

@NOLAHistoryGuy speaking engagements cover a wide range of subjects. I was a high school teacher. Y’all know how that works, every day is a new speaking engagement. I speak to groups the same way. Well, with a bit more preparation, of course. Topics include:

  • The Golden Age of Canal Street: 1920-1960
  • Mister Bingle and Maison Blanche Department Stores
  • The Pirates of New Orleans
  • World War II in New Orleans: How the Lakefront Helped Win the War
  • Krauss Department Store at War
  • Brothers of the Sacred Heart in New Orleans: St. Aloysius, Cor Jesu, and Brother Martin
  • Legendary Locals of New Orleans

Appealing content

@nolahistoryguy speaking engagements

Canal Street subjects interest groups the most. The city’s main street offers many possibilities. Three of my books present various aspects of Canal Street. Audiences enjoy the evolution of the street, the streetcars, stores, and residences.

Audiences hear different short vignettes from the 180+ Legendary Locals of New Orleans during that talk. It’s rarely the same stuff.

While the World War II subjects aren’t covered in detail in the books, they’re a good example of expanding a topic. My presentations at the National World War II Museum received interest. Other groups request those presentations regularly.

Booking @NOLAHistoryGuy Speaking Engagements

@nolahistoryguy speaking engagements

The best way to contact me about speaking to your group is via email: edward@ebranley.com. Here’s what I need to know:

  • Organization sponsoring the talk
  • Date, time, venue (If this is for a club with regular meetings, a range of dates is appreciated.
  • Desired subject. If you’re not sure when you contact me, we can sort it out.
  • Honorarium (see below)

Please include as much of this information as you can in your email.

Watch/Hear @NOLAHistoryGuy Speaking Engagements

@nolahistoryguy speaking engagements

One of the best ways to see what you’re getting here is to check out my podcasts. Visualize a guy presenting New Orleans history with that voice, and you’ve got it!

Check out “Krauss At War” at the National World War II Museum.

Crescent City Living

My friend Lisa Heindel of Crescent City Living sat me in front of Crista Rock’s camera and told me to talk about different neighborhoods. Check those out on their YouTube Channel. Crista is a videography wizard, so me speaking to your group won’t look as exciting, but you get an idea of how I present here.


It’s always nice to be paid. Honorariums come in different forms, of course. Offer me a cup of coffee, buy me a bagel at your breakfast meeting, we’re off to a good start. Financial honorariums are desired for larger groups. If you’re charging fees to conference/convention attendees, you can afford to pay for me to park the car in the hotel at a minimum. For smaller, local groups, give me the opportunity to sell my books to those in attendance, and we’re good to go.

The professional thing here is, don’t make the speaker ask. Tell me (or anyone else you’re booking) up front what you have in mind in terms of compensation.

Let’s have fun!

The big thing here that we all have a good time. I encourage audience participation, sharing stories, asking questions. Let’s learn and enjoy!